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Mega Man X Legends Collection arriving July 24

[Image: 3374137-794958.jpg]

Capcom is compiling a two-part, eight-game Mega Man W88 Legends collection in celebration of the sub-series' 25th year.

With the original Mega Man franchise set to return later this year after nearly ten years away, developer and publisher Capcom is drawing attention to its offshoot, Mega Man X, as the expansion franchise approaches its own 25th birthday.

Five years after Mega Man made its own debut, Mega Man X wall-jumped onto SNES in December 1993, and its heritage will be remembered through a two-part Mega Man X Legacy Collectionarriving in July on PlayStation 4, Xbox One W88 Register, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.

The eight-game series is divided equally across the pair, with Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 containing releases one through four, while Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 houses 2000's release Mega Man X5 through to 2004's Mega Man X8.

On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the collection is available on disc as well as digitally, while the Nintendo Switch retail package contains a cartridge for Collection 1 with the second delivered via download code.

Each collection contains prequel short The Day Of Σ as well as original soundtracks, vintage trailers, and a  W88 deposit digital archive of art and merchandise.

A new challenge mode also allows players to pit their skills against not one but two Mega Man X bosses at the same time.

The main series had been commemorated with another split compilation, with six-game Mega Man Legacy Collection launching August 2015 for PS4, XBO and PC, and in February 2016 on 3DS, and four-game Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 released August 2017 across PS4, PC and Xbox One.


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